GOJO SMARTLINK™ Hand Hygiene Solutions

A smarter way to measure hand hygiene compliance and help reduce the spread of infection.

It starts with the technology of electronic compliance monitoring. And it continues with the clinician-based support, advanced dispensers and superior products you won’t find anywhere else. Together, these components make up GOJO SMARTLINK Hand Hygiene Solutions. These comprehensive solutions can help you improve and sustain your hand hygiene compliance rate. And ultimately help reduce the spread of infection.

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Innovative Measurement Tools

GOJO SMARTLINK makes it easy to monitor staff compliance by converting real-time data into actionable information. Whether you choose one tool to fit a specific need, or combine all of our capabilities into one complete solution, GOJO SMARTLINK can help you reach your compliance goals.

  • GOJO SMARTLINK Activity Monitoring System
    The GOJO® SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System is a group monitoring system that allows you to track soap and sanitizer activations (events) vs. opportunities (entering and exiting a location). The software then provides detailed information at the room, unit, floor and facility level. Ask about our free, 30-day trial!
  • GOJO SMARTLINK™ Integrated Technology
    Our integrated technology is compatible with most leading healthcare technology platforms, including Real Time Locating Systems, and provides hand hygiene compliance at an individual level by communicating with electronic employee badges.
  • GOJO SMARTLINK Observation System
    With the GOJO SMARTLINK Observation System, you can get instant access to real-time compliance data via a secure, Web-based portal, allowing you to track your facility’s progress and make improvements on the fly. Ask about our free, 90-day trial!

Seamlessly Integrated

GOJO SMARTLINK Hand Hygiene Technology is engineered to easily fit into GOJO touch-free dispensers, eliminating the need for special equipment. Once the module is in place, it can monitor real-time use and transmit that data for review.

Expert Support

Implementing and maintaining a hand hygiene compliance program can be a strain on staff members. GOJO SMARTLINK Clinician-Based Support can complement your compliance program by providing customized clinical support for your facility from with Six Sigma-trained hand hygiene experts. GOJO Clinical specialists can provide facilitation, coaching, and mentoring across multiple levels of your hospital

Better Products, Safer Facilities

Compliance monitoring technology is only the beginning. A total compliance solution that includes the proven germ-killing formulations of PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer and PROVON® hand soaps can create a healthier, safer environment for both patients and staff members.