GOJO® Innovations

At GOJO, the spirit of discovery has been a hallmark since the development of our first hand cleaner in the late 1940s. We then went on to patent the world’s first portion-control hand cleaner dispenser in 1952. Through the years, we’ve made significant advancements in science and technology to take hand hygiene further and further. The introduction of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, the innovation of SMARTLINK™ Hand Hygiene Solutions and PROVON® Antimicrobial Handwash with 2% CHG are just a few of our game changing accomplishments. And now we’ve introduced two new products, PURELL® Healthcare Surface Disinfectant a broad-spectrum, one-step surface disinfectant and cleaner and GOJO® Smartlink™ Service Alerts a maintenance system that helps service the dispensing systems.  We’d be proud to tell you about more and to show you our latest advances. Visit us at booth 826 and see for yourself why we’re the global leader in hand hygiene and healthy skin.