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The PURELL® Brand Signals your High Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care
PURELL® products are universally recognized and trusted as a way to provide safe and effective protection from germs.1 When patients, visitors and healthcare personnel see the PURELL® brand it reinforces your facility’s high standards for patient safety and quality care. After over 25 years of innovation, the brand that invented hand sanitizer has created the PURELL SOLUTION™ by combining hand sanitizers, soaps and surface disinfectants, that work alongside PROVON® products to create a holistic portfolio that fights the spread of germs and keeps skin healthy, while providing you with peace of mind.

#1 Brand in Hospitals PURELL® Brand Brings Peace of Mind
PURELL® Hand Sanitizer is the #1 brand of hand sanitizer used in hospitals, and the brand most known by patients and visitors.2 Providing PURELL® products shows patients, visitors and staff that you are providing the very best.
1.1mL Proven Efficacy [3] Formulation Matters – PURELL® Products Designed for Healthcare
PURELL® products are designed to exceed healthcare demands—hand sanitizers that meet FDA standards with a single output,3 soap products that are gentle on skin after repeated use, and surface disinfectants that deliver performance without compromising efficacy.
83% Recommend PurellĀ® ProductsPURELL® Products Are Preferred by Healthcare Workers
Providing well-liked products encourages compliance to hand hygiene standards.  A recent study showed that PURELL® products are most likely to be recommended by infection control professionals to other colleagues than any other hand hygiene brand.4
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  3. PURELL® Advanced gel and foam meet FDA HCPHW requirements with a 1.1 ml application volume by obtaining at least a 2 log reduction for application 1 and 3 log reduction for application 10.
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